What are you waiting for to become a Seedboxer?

Warning - Scam Alert

It has come to our attention that fake job offers are being circulated on behalf of Seedbox Technologies Inc. by certain individuals/entities impersonating HR employees working for our organization.

All of our approved jobs are publicized on our official website (www.seedbox.com), which remains the most secure way to apply to ensure you aren’t falling prey to a job scam.

Please be aware that Seedbox Technologies Inc. does not:

– Send employment contracts directly from free email services like Gmail, Rediffmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, etc.
– Request payment of any kind from prospective candidates for employment or any sort of fees.
– Authorized anyone to either collect money or arrive at any monetary arrangement in return for a job at Seedbox Technologies Inc.
– However, sometimes the recruitment process is done through professional recruiting agencies. In such cases, offers are always made directly by Seedbox Technologies Inc. and not by any third parties.

Seedbox Technologies inc. will not be responsible to anyone acting on an employment offer not directly made by Seedbox Technologies Inc.

Anyone making an employment offer in return for money or other type of gain is not authorized by Seedbox Technologies Inc. is not offering an approved job.

Seedbox Technologies Inc. reserves the right to take legal action, including criminal action, against such individuals/entities.

Feed your brain

As a dynamic and stimulating company, we offer paid training in and outside of our offices, including Feed Your Brain lunch & learns, language tutoring, technology seminars, conferences, professional coaching and leadership development programs. Want to go back to school to become the master of your domain? We encourage Seedboxers who take classes if it will help them grow in their career. If you want to self-learn, we’ll also gladly carry your books for you!

Sharing is caring

Fans of Agile methodology and mindset, we insist upon teamwork, interactions and collaboration to drive our projects forward. By each and everyone of us contributing to reaching goals, Seedboxers are rewarded thanks to a profit sharing system.

Balance is key

You have a last minute appointment? The kids have a snow day? No stress! At Seedbox we believe in aligning work and life with flexible work schedules, telework days and paid personal days.

Health is wealth

Loving your work and good health go hand in hand. That’s why you’ll find a robust wellness program focused on fitness, nutrition and mindfulness at Seedbox. You’ll be able to take advantage of our à la carte group insurance coverage and a shared membership to a gym nearby.

The icing on the cake

At Seedbox, breakfast is served every morning. There’s no better way to start the day. We should also mention the bottomless coffee, the Seedbox Pub lunches, Beer Fridays, and much more.

Work hard, play hard

Yes, you’ll work hard here, and you’ll have fun with annual events such as the sugar-shack, our unforgettable party to highlight the holiday season, the haunted Halloween brunch in our Park… our team of FunRaisers have it meticulously covered. On top of that, as a Seedboxer, you can partIcipate in wine tasting, board game nights, and in ping pong, babyfoot and video game tournaments.

Come as you are

No need to dress like a prime minister to showcase your talent. By encouraging raw talent, regardless of nationality, age, gender, sexual orientation, social status, religion, fashion sense, or the number of tattoos, Seedboxers are apt to express their creativity without a restrictive dress code.

All you need

No puzzles here. Seedboxers benefit from a discount on public transportation (STM and RMT), free parking and services closeby. With facilities such as the Place Vertu mall and Spheretech right next to our offices, you would be surprised by what Ville Saint-Laurent has to offer.

Our HQ

This is our happy place.

Think tank — When you’re feeling blue

Star Wars — Stay on target.

The Park — Meet you at the park!

Superman — It’s a bird. . . It’s a plane. . .

La Grande — Where big ideas come together.

Surf — Ride the wave.

Lava Lamp — Stay groovy

Life @ Seedbox

I started my career as a video editor and then became responsible for the selection of content. It's a pleasure to witness and actively participate in the growth and success of my team.
With every new project, there is something new to learn. It was great to go through the Agile Training which has enhanced productivity, the quality of what we deliver and team spirit.
In my opinion, Seedbox is a constantly evolving company with passionate employees who are always curious to learn more! We eat knowledge for breakfast here.
In a technical position at Seedbox, you get to work on truly unique problems. Finding solutions to these problems is immensely satisfying and it makes working at Seedbox very fun!
Let's say I love having a job with benefits and bonuses that also hosts tons of events where I can dress up and/or shove free food in my face!