Welcome to Seedbox

Producing innovation

From website creation and development, to the elaboration of online marketing tools, we dare to turn dreams into reality. By acting together, we never cease to excel with honor in leveraging technology to offer one of the best user experiences.

Taking on challenges

Way back in the 90’s the World Wide Web made its début, as did one of our founders. Thanks to some experimentation, he came to conceive an e-commerce site that was revolutionary for the time.

Twenty years later, the Internet is more present than ever, complete with challenges of managing large volumes of data, intelligent automation systems and online traffic.

Together, we dare to push limits even further.

Seedbox in numbers

  • Millions ad impressions per day
  • issues created in Jira
  • unit tests

Millions ad impressions per day

18 156

requests/minutes on our subscription sites


millions emails sent

9 634


lines of code

Infinite foosball and ping-pong!

  • Content
    802 TB
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Services that lead to results

We offer services in website design and development, digital marketing and entertainment media. We create solutions that businesses can actually use and benefit from.

Web Technology

Our team of experienced, inventive and skilled developers and administrators make it so that millions of surfers have a memorable and secure experience on our site. We are proud of our wise choice of tools which serves to push limits with our technology.

Interactive Marketing

While our tech teams are engineering the latest web apps, our marketing and sales teams are busy engineering brands to keep up with a constantly evolving market.

From website design and social media to digital marketing, affiliate sales, and email campaigns, we take your marketing from “Do It Yourself” to “WOW, do it for me!”

Business Solutions

Partnering with Seedbox is a lot like having a key to your own private shopping mall. By working with our experienced business team, we build the combo pack needed to increase web presence, including hosting, billing, email publishing, customer relations, content encoding, and much more.