Bienvenue chez Seedbox. Nous sommes +165 personnes passionnées qui = 1 compagnie en technologie Web.

Nous aimons créer des choses pour le web… certains pourraient même dire que nous sommes obsédés!
Nos solutions sont conçues pour rendre votre image de marque en ligne à un tout autre niveau.

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Welcome to Seedbox. We’re 165+ Passionate People who = 1 Web Technology Company.

We like to make things for the web… some might even say we are obsessed! Our solutions are built to help take your online brand to a whole new level.

Who we are

Seedbox is a web technology company based in Montreal, Quebec.  We specialize in building web products and services for a large network of partners.   We are a dynamic and enthusiastic bunch – and are very proud of the unique employees who make up our community! 

Our Story:

“Do you remember a time when dial-up modems and ASCII artwork were considered cutting-edge?

It was 1996 when one of our company’s founders set up a few computers in his basement to test a new type of technology called the World Wide Web. Through a little trial and error, he discovered that it was possible to build websites that could make money by sharing content that other surfers were looking for.

Because the ‘online shopping’ movement was still a few years away, he enlisted a few friends to help take on the challenge and build the company that we were to become.

Over the past 20 years…

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Our Mission:

The knowledge and passion cultivated at Seedbox will create value for our customers, partners, and team members. Working together, we will deliver innovative, profitable, and competitive products and services around the world.

What we do

Seedbox is focused on three key areas:  developing web sites, marketing and advertising tools, and tailoring our products into solutions that businesses can actually use and benefit from.   We believe in results, not fluffy pink unicorns!  

Web Technology

Handling millions of impressions, database entries, and queries each day keep our experienced development teams busy! The web sites we develop are used by millions of web surfers and we take pride in choosing the right tools to help push the limits of our technology to get the job done.

Online Marketing

While our tech teams are engineering the latest web apps, our marketing and sales teams are busy engineering your brand to stay ahead of the competition.  From website design and social media marketing to media buying, affiliate sales, and email campaigns, we will evolve your marketing from DIY to OMG!

Business Solutions

Partnering with Seedbox is a lot like having a key to your own private shopping mall. By working with our experienced business team, you will build the combo pack you need to increase your web presence, including hosting, billing, email publishing, customer support, content encoding, and much more.

Seedbox in Numbers:

  • 50
  • 40
  • 30
  • 20
  • 10
  • Queries/sec
  • Cached item requests/sec
  • Bandwidth on our CDNs
  • Cat6 Network Cable
  • 8K

  • 25K

  • 20GBPS

  • 35KM

  • 200
  • 170
  • 140
  • 110
  • 80
  • Page views/month
  • Content on Level3 CDN
  • Power consumption
  • Tons of Air Conditioning
  • 150M

  • 200TB

  • 120KW

  • 150


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Contact Us

If you are interested in learning more about Seedbox or how to become part of our team, please contact us or send a message using the form. We’re friendly so we’ll try our best to get back to you promptly.

Our offices are located in the development sector of Ville St-Laurent, Montréal. We offer a ton of free parking if you’re coming by car and are also accessible by public transit. If you’re hungry or restless, we are surrounded by restaurants, a cinema, and a fully stocked shopping mall. See you soon!

3300 Blvd Côte-Vertu, Suite 406, Montreal, Quebec, H4R 2B7

(514) 228-3812

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