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Also Known As:


My Role:

Head of Content

My Motto:

The house has to smell good!

My Top Secret Hobbies:

Marketing strategies + New wave music + My corgi + Cooking soup + Collecting frog memorabilia

One of my Career Highlights … So Far:

Being the first ever official marketing hire at Seedbox and creating a marketing community that features some of the most talented, curious, and passionate people I have ever had the pleasure of working with; The Christmas party we organized where we surprised everyone in the company with a free iPad2!

What I Think About Seedbox:

I used to do a lot of theatre … so I often compare working at Seedbox with the feeling you get when you join the cast of a play. Alone, you‘re just a character with a script but, when the whole crew comes together, you are able to create something amazing for the whole world to see.

For me, Seedbox isn’t just a job or a way to pay the bills … it’s an important part of my life and evokes that same feeling I had in my acting days. Every day, I get to join 185 extremely talented people – people who are my teammates, teachers, advisers, and friends – and we all work together to achieve our company’s goals.

Seedbox is also a place where you can truly be yourself. As a member of the LGBT community, I could not have imagined a more open and accepting company to thrive in. You meet people from all backgrounds here and everyone is treated as equals.