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Also Known As:

Alice in Wonderland … That’s the nickname I’d give myself when it’s one of those crazy whirlwind weeks where everything seems to be coming out of a magic box and is twisted from reality. Others call me Chef Ewok, which is more of a running gag in our team as we often refer to ourselves as Ewok warriors. I also get Meeting-Mag when it’s one of those weeks where I’m pretty much invisible. Basically it all revolves around work, making miracles happen with our team!

My Role:

Head Traffic Conversion & Monetization

My Motto:

One motto that I really like is “In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.” I think it represents me well because I do stand on my principles & apply them in my life like at work. I stand strong for my team and will always have their back: they know this. We work in respect and integrity.

My Top Secret Hobbies:

Ski (I’m a powder-fashionista) + Travelling around the world + Cooking + Painting + Gaming

One of my Career Highlights … So Far:

I think launching my product division in 2005, after being involved in all aspects of the project’s creation with one of the owners, seeing it grow and gain more market share over the years and now, to have seem it become what it is today: this great success with 3 times more partners than in 2005 and some big brands onboard. I couldn’t be happier with how it all went! Today still, our team is stronger than ever and the future is looking bright with new & innovative projects in the making! We are definitely a good place to be.

What I Think About Seedbox:

For me, being part of Seedbox is way more than a job. It’s first and foremost coming to work smiling! Loving what you do even when challenges occur. Not that many people can say that! I am starting my 11th year here and I’ve seen always felt like I was part of this big extended family who really cares for its peers. Being part of Seedbox is knowing that you are heard, that you are recognized, that you are backed and appreciated. It’s knowing that you can grow within a company that encourages excellence, who pushes our limits and who invests in its people. A company that is honest and loyal and expects the same from its employees. Being part of Seedbox has also brought me recognition in our industry. We have a strong, trusted name and that makes us shine even more! I am a proud ambassador of Seedbox and will continue to be for years to come.