Daniel B.

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Also Known As:

I don’t think I have one, but if anyone wants to come forward, I’d like to hear it ;) Otherwise, no nickname, I’m “Just me!”

My Role:

Head Strategic Finance

My Motto:

A combination of two mottos sums it up very well: “Be happy ;)” and “Just do it!

My Top Secret Hobbies:

Life is my passion : Seedbox + My kids + Staying active

One of my Career Highlights … So Far:

Being a key part of growing Seedbox to more than 150 people in 2012, and counting!

What I Think About Seedbox:

The talent and positive energy at Seedbox simply allows all members to grow as individuals and as a group. To be able to act as myself, to learn, to be accepted, to be rewarded, to be challenged and to be told when I’m wrong is the best environment I can hope for!

Sure, it’s not always easy. But at the end of the day, everyone’s opinion is important and all of us rally to try to reach our goals, in an enjoyable and fun environment.