Way more than just </coding>

We PUSH GIANTS  with our Minds and Keyboards
(and some servers…)

Big ideas sometimes take bold moves to make them happen but, one thing is for certain, they will always require excellent people.  Since our founding, Seedbox has tried to give ideas the support that they need by building a community of big geeky brains with unlimited technological potential.

Our teams do things every day that leave us wondering if the amount of data we touch can ever be capped.

  • Most of our 2500+ websites see more than 8,000,000 impressions per day
  • Our surfers consume an average of 6TB of data per site per hour
  • Our advertising network serves more than 5000 advertisements per second

With numbers like these, we recruit not only intelligent people but people who are passionate about pushing boundaries and defying their own assumptions of what can be achieved.

We believe that technology is not made by robots but by real, interacting, neuron owners (although we do have a soft spot for Roombas and automated nerf guns!)   We could talk forever about Kanban, Scrum, Lean, and Management 3.0., but in the end, these are just the tools that we use to help us listen to the real needs of our customers and allow our teams to find the right approach to get where we need to go. Its human communication and interaction that creates our most intriguing and fruitful ideas!

The technology community at Seedbox is a space where expert creators, designers, and builders can group, regroup, and help define the best and most efficient ways to achieve our company’s needs, wants, and dreams.

Mountain Trolls : We push them!

Our Different Web Technology Projects :

IT / Networking

Do you get excited about cable bixing and IT infrastructures? The networking team at Seedbox works round the clock to provide IT networking solutions for companies that want all the advantages of a dedicated server without all the hassles or cost.  Our services include hosting, server management, auditing, VOIP, networking, server migrations, and co-location to allow customers to connect to their servers in a secure facility.  As a level one PCI compliant company, our main focus is always on the security of the servers we manage.

Software Engineering

Displaying millions of pages per day doesn’t happen by luck or magic — it takes a talented group of engineers, regular nerf gun battles, and a ton of coffee. Seedbox develops Web software designed to stand the test of time (and space) so that our code works as well in 6 months as it does the day we demo it. Our creations include multiple specialized CMS’s, admins, and JavaScript code that we scale across entire publisher networks.

Web Development

If you could look inside the mind of one of our Web developers, you’d probably end up being buried under a mound of markup, code, video games, and pure geekery. A normal day for a dev here at Seedbox includes identifying challenges, playing detective, taking over conference rooms, and working with our teams to solve complex problems. The code we develop is used by millions of Web surfers within seconds of going live.


Web Integration

As the Viking task force between development and design, our integrators need to know both sides of the battle in order to bring amazing products to life. We are obsessed with writing HTML and CSS that is clean, light, and optimized so that the front-end of our products look and feel just as our designers imagined, while making sure they also support the realities of our technical needs.

Quality Assurance

What is the role of QA within Seedbox? To help our company maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction by constantly improving the quality of how we build our products and services. We also strive to achieve better methods and processes when it comes to delivering our products with two key principles in mind — fit the purpose and get it right the first time out! Some say we’re perfectionists… and we take that as a major compliment!

Big Data Science

Terabytes of information; millions of pieces of data to average, mediate, standardize, deviate, correlate and analyze; algorithms to fine-tune, sample and experiment with; multi-arm bandit problems with real-life implications… If these examples make your neurons over-ionize then you’re probably a big data scientist in disguise. Seedbox’s data scientists analyze and report on huge data sets in order to understand and improve the performance of our various products.

The Languages We Speak (Currently) and the Tools We Enjoy (Daily):

  • PHP 5.3+
  • Memcached
  • Apache HTTP Server
  • Hadoop
  • CSS 2/3
  • Java 6
  • Javascript
  • Varnish
  • NginX
  • LightHttpD
  • MySQL
  • Linux
  • XHTML 1.1
  • HTML5
  • And many more…

Take a Look Under the Hood:

As a member of the technology community at Seedbox, you have the opportunity to design Web applications that help drive our business forward. Here are just a few of our creations, including content management systems, affiliate tracking, and a fully operational advertising network.