Web Development

Thinking about a career as a Web Developer? This profile is all about life in the Web Development team at Seedbox and our current Web Developer jobs in Montreal.

What is a day in the life of a Web Developer like at Seedbox?

Web Development
Do you thrive in a work environment where the code you write is instantly tested against an expressway of live traffic? Do you love coming to work and solving complex problems with your peers? Do you want endless cups of coffee, nerf battles, and the potential to achieve Ballmer Peak on a regular basis? Welcome to web development at Seedbox!

We don’t just write code … we are the architects who create the foundation and structure that allows our company to build successful business products. The software we develop is used by millions of people every day in real time and there is never a shortage of challenges for us to tackle.

Within our developer community, we have a genuine sense of comradery that facilitates problem solving and allows for all different personalities to collaborate. At any given stand-up, you’ll find yourself beside a problem seeker, a meticulous developer, a hacker, and a freshly out of school developer who is eager to learn. Regardless of our individual styles, we all work together as a team.

Within our scrum teams, we are given the space and focus we need to concentrate on our projects and come up with new solutions to push the performance, flexibility, and awesomeness of our products to the limit. Our ultimate goal is to use the firepower of our developers to build software, tools, and a knowledge base that will help us maximize our efforts. This magic recipe is what allows us to keep ahead of the curve and help our company launch new products using the same core principles.

Some of our other passions in life:

Other teams we work closely with:

Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Graphic Design, and Integration.

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