Scrum Masters

Thinking about a career being a Scrum Master? This profile is all about life in the Scrum Master team at Seedbox and our current Scrum Master jobs in Montreal.

What is a day in the life of a Scrum Master like at Seedbox?

Scrum Masters
As Scrum Masters, our responsibility is to provide Seedbox’s various development teams with the tools, rules (scrum rules, of course), and environment they need to achieve their maximum potential as software developers. Our ultimate goal is to bring the teams we work with into a state of “flow” – where they can become self-organizing and able to fearlessly tackle any challenge they face head-on. By doing this, we are helping to produce software and web products that we can all be truly proud of.

A typical day as a Scrum Master consists primarily of being shot at by Nerf guns and having the team improvement themes we unearth at our sprint retrospectives challenged by the developers we work with. By questioning our advice, Seedbox’s developers are able to interpret the constructive feedback in a way that provokes discussion but is also fun and not always serious. Because our teams are both incredibly talented software developers and a bunch of jokers, the role of Scrum Master is designed to help them keep a balance between fun and delivering the tasks we commit to.

Since Seedbox has chosen the path of agile development for all our projects, we are recognized as being champions of this philosophy and way of working. At its core, Agile is all about recognizing that the professionals who make up your company are the ones who are ultimately responsible for the company’s success or failure. Our challenge is to ensure that we put agile into practice every day by empowering the professionals we work with to truly own the work they are doing.

Part bouncers, part therapists, our Scrum Masters regularly use Jedi mind tricks and physical wall boards to push our teams further. We love being surrounded by technophiles and being part of a true geek culture. Plus, we get to eat cake on a regularly basis and the cake is not a lie here at Seedbox. Cakeday pwnz!

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