Product Owners

Thinking about a career in Product Ownership? This profile is all about life as an Agile Product Owner at Seedbox and our PO jobs in Montreal.

What is a day in the life of a Product Owner like at Seedbox?

Product Owners
Part wizards, part Rambo II (circa the cage scene), we are a group of product experts who share one common responsibility: To continuously set the path that our scrum teams will take to deliver our projects by analyzing backlogs, writing user stories, and understanding which tasks will create the most business value for our different products.

Within the group, each PO is driven by their own unique set of objectives, based on the needs of our products and partners. While one PO may be focused on creating appealing and high-converting products, another is dedicated to bringing our company’s technological vision into reality. Because every project is different, we need to have a true understanding of the product, the market, and our customers, as well as be extremely detail-oriented and always willing to stand up as the guardians for business value.

When Seedbox adopted agile, many of us evolved naturally from our jobs as project managers and product specialists to the role of Product Owner – a step that we have warmly embraced. As our team grows, we welcome new Agile Product Owners to our community to help round out the effectiveness of our team with added knowledge and experience.

Like the title suggests, the most rewarding aspect of being a PO is the sense of ownership we have for our products. While this can present great challenges, it also creates great loyalty and dedication. We are the glue that ties all aspects of our products together and we take that commitment to heart. We also regularly have colorful PO meetings and swap war stories about our time ‘in the jungle’ aka on the floor with our teams.

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As the owners who tie our products together, we work with everyone from our Product Directors to Multimedia, Customer Support, Marketing, Sales & Affiliates, Web Developers, and Scrum Masters.

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