Media Buying

Thinking about a career in media buying? This profile is all about life as a media buyer at Seedbox and our current media buying jobs in Montreal.

What is a day in the life of Media Buying like at Seedbox?

Media Buying
Media Buying is a close-knit, high energy team that scouts, brokers, and reports on thousands of dollars of advertising every single day. We value team work and open communication and each wear many hats in order to get the job done, from identifying new opportunities to understanding why our campaigns succeed or fall flat.

Our days always begin with a fact check. We gather around, pull up the latest statistics and review our campaigns to make sure we’re on top of our costs, traffic goals, and CPA rates. Suggesting we just like stats is an understatement – we’re full blown stats addicts!

Having our ads on all types of traffic sources is a great challenge and, as a team, we need to constantly be on the hunt to find new ways to connect with web surfers. We take a very DIY approach and test new content, banner formats, ad spots, and landing pages to see what sticks. When an experiment is a success, we are proud to share it with other teams in the company to help improve their products.

Some of the roles within our team include strategy, analysis, quality assurance, design, integration, and sales.

Some of our other passions in life:

Other teams we work closely with:

Product Owners, Marketing, Multimedia, and Web Developers

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