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Thinking about a career in human resources? This profile is all about life as a member of the HR team at Seedbox and our current human resources jobs in Montreal.

What is a day in the life of the Talent & Culture team like at Seedbox?

Human Resources
Unlike many other organizations, the Talent & Culture team at Seedbox is not limited to just recruitment and payroll. We exist very much at the center of our different teams, working alongside them as business partners. Our role is to build a happy and healthy staff community that will drive the growth of our company forward. We take great pride in taking care of our employees, knowing everyone by name, and having a ‘no-door’ policy so all Seedboxers can feel comfortable to approach when they need our help.

On a daily basis, we tackle a wide variety of situations, often at the same time and in all degrees of urgency! Before the morning is over, a handful of leaders may have opened new positions to build their teams, a few employees may have questions about our RRSP program, one or two new staff members need help starting the espresso machine, and another may be dealing with a personal struggle and really need our support. With everything going on at once, we sometimes feel like miracle workers!

The most important value for our team is to build trust. We try to offer a personal touch to all situations and treat employees with respect. We truly believe that no matter where you’re from, what you look like, or what level you are at in your career, your opinions, feelings, and questions are of the utmost importance to us. To keep our company ahead of the competition, we also regularly introduce new programs to grow and develop staff, create a fun environment to work in, and keep each employee individually engaged.

We are a friendly and compassionate team that is proud to come from all different experiences and walks of life. When you join our team, you quickly learn that it is impossible to reach a maximum when it comes to discovering new ways to take care of those around you. Each Talent & Culture team member is an agent for change with the real ability to influence others and help build upon our already cool culture.

Some of the roles within our team include organizational development, staff recruiting, employee relations, benefits and working conditions, social events, payroll, employee development, and performance management.

Some of our other passions in life:

Other teams we work closely with:

Pretty much every other team in the company that needs our help for recruitment and employee relations but also teams like Networking to set up new employee work stations, Finance to help with payroll activities, and Web Developers to teach us about the new technologies that will help us with recruiting.

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