The Seedbox story

About Us:

Seedbox is a web technology company that develops products and services to help other companies increase their exposure and make money online. We have 165 (and counting) employees in our Montreal headquarters.

Our approach to business is pretty simple:

  1. We are passionate about web technology;
  2. We create products and services to bring ourselves and our partners more value;
  3. We believe that being honest and ethical are the keys to building successful relationships with our customers, partners, and team members.

Our History:

Do you remember a time when dial-up modems and ASCII artwork were considered cutting-edge?

It was in 1996 when one of our company’s founders set up a few computers in his basement to test a new type of technology called the World Wide Web. Through a little trial and error, he discovered that it was possible to build websites that could make money by sharing content that other surfers were looking for. Because the ‘online shipping’ movement was still a few years away, he enlisted a few friends to help take on the challenge and build the company that we were to become.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve grown a lot from those early days in the basement! We’ve created a network of products and services that cover all aspects of the online experience – from surfing to servers, hosting and encoding, and everything in between. We’ve hired some of the most talented staff in the world – many of whom are still with us today. We’ve opened an office in Montreal and outgrown our space not once but five times. We’ve been to many trade shows and spoken on many panels. We’ve had epic holiday parties. Most importantly, we’ve built long-lasting partnerships with companies from all over the world.

Throughout it all, we’ve learned about the importance of being true to what we believe and the fact that it is possible to be successful and an honest, ethical business. We are proud to say that we genuinely care about our customers, partners and team members.

In 2012, we created a new company to bring all of our services together under one roof and provide a strong community for our teams. To help find the right fit for our unique culture, we got everyone involved by holding contests, social events, and late night brainstorming sessions. In the end, Seedbox Technologies was born!